YMCA Compliance

Be excellent to each other.

We're all in this together. Everyone has challenges. Some people make us feel like having challenges is a sign of weakness. It's as if confronting your issues somehow makes you less than what you are. Well, you're not. I'm here to assure you that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Some people want to divide us. Don't let them. Sometimes it can be silly and fun - "Star Wars vs Star Trek", "Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter", or "Gold Dress vs Blue Dress"; whatever it is, pick a side and fight for it. But when we get outside of our fun hobbies, when we don't get to pick the side, that's when things get much more real. Nationalities, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, gender, everything. Yes - there are differences between us, but when we pit our humanity against each other, we lose every time.

Kindness is the most important thing. Have some respect, and show it to others too.