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Dungeon Drafter - a premium design service for your world

Got a great idea for a dungeon, villain, or city in your next roleplaying campaign, and want some help in bringing the concept to life? Enter the Dungeon Drafter! Jim, our Spiel Knights CCO, is a professional writer and published author. He’s here to take your idea blurb and turn it into some working writing to kickstart your campaign.

For example, if you wrote,

I want a city that floats in the sky and dragons give you rides.

I might return with:

The wonderous city of Zendaria hovers hundreds of feet above the Osterlund countryside, beating back the relentless force of gravity with the help of hundreds of crystals from the Feywild. Zendaria is no place for simple humans, no, it is a court for powerful metallic dragons, celestial beings, and the many aasimar who keep the city in working order from day to day.

The same crystals that power Zendaria’s float also inhibit teleportation magic, a useful benefit for a city uninterested in uninvited guests. When aasimar need to travel outside, they take rides on young metallic dragons to the surface. Most aren’t even a century old. Any youngling encountered performing this work will complain about being tasked with menial labor and how giving such rides are absolutely beneath their station. Older wyrms, however, gaze back fondly at this time in their lives, when they had a chance to concentrate on a single task, improve their skills at flight, and be a part of something that was greater than themselves.

Now your floating city has a little history, an explanation for why it’s there, and a rationale for dragon-based transport. You may want to fix a few details, like changing the city’s name or switching from aasimar to elves, but now you have a grand city to work with. It’s your world; the Dungeon Drafter just helped out. Your document will be presented in .docx (MS Word) format and will be fully editable.

A few caveats. I won’t be writing stat blocks, adjudicating rules, or drawing pictures. I of course know Dungeons & Dragons well and will not be leaving that knowledge out, but any product from Dungeon Drafter will be system agnostic. My hope is to have a two-week turnaround, but that is not a hard guarantee. Sometimes it will be sooner, sometimes later. Finally, writing is subjective. While I’m pretty sure you will enjoy seeing your idea blurb given literary legs, people have different thoughts and ideas about what constitutes quality writing.

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